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Composed of a team of young researchers, professionals, and students from diverse fields and backgrounds, CS2P aims to raise awareness and strengthen knowledge on the linkages between ecological disruptions, climate change and environmental degradation, and the emergence and dynamics of risks and threats to human security, peace, and international stability. CS2P also aims to promote the vision of youth in the ecological/climate security research field.

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Climate Security and Peace Project (CS2P)



The European Commission, through the DEAR project, contributes to the financing and development of a video on environmental safety produced by the CS2P project.


CS2P collaborates with the Climate, Energy and Security program of the French Institute for International and Strategic Affairs (IRIS) . This collaboration aims to support the engagement and visibility of young researchers working on the impact of climate change, and other forms of environmental degradation on human security, by offering supervision contributing to the development of their skills.

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