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“Inspiring” is the best word to describe CliMates and why we created it: an explosive combination of excitement and frustration. ”

Henri Landes & Margot Le Guen, Co-founders of CliMates

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What is CliMates?

CliMates is an international laboratory of ideas and actions, bringing together volunteers, students and young professionals around climate issues. The objective of our NGO (Non Governmental Organization) is to meet the challenge of climate change.

Who are we ?

We are a collective of serious and creative young people, sharing a collective vision for a transition to a low carbon society by informing, empowering and engaging young people in collaborative research, international advocacy and popular mobilization.

Where are we ?

The CliMates project was born in France in 2011 and has spread around the world, with members in more than 30 countries. You can join and / or collaborate with us from anywhere!


Are you ready to act?
Join a team to empower young people on environmental issues.
Become a coach, trainer, event organizer or speaker!
Join international teams and work with educational institutions, represent countries or stakeholder interests during climate simulations, while meeting people from different backgrounds.


Do you have lots of ideas?
Is writing articles a piece of cake?
Would you like to educate the society about your favorite climate-related topic?
Energy, finance, gender, migration, oceans…

The CliMates research program addresses many climate-related topics that you can specialize in! Don't wait any longer, grab your pen and participate in one of the research projects


Hey you ! Aspiring diplomat?

Passionate about climate negotiations?

Do you want to make your voice heard to face the climate challenge?

Join the advocacy team and defend the voice of youth, at your level, in your country or even within international organizations.

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