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To tackle the climate crisis we need to keep fossil fuels in the ground. But governments that phase out coal, end gas production, or stop oil pipelines can be sued by corporations in private courts and be held liable for billions in damages. How? Under the Energy Charter Treaty (ECT). It is now up to European governments and the European Commission to pull out of the anti-climate ECT and stop its expansion to even more countries. Take action today to make this happen!


To European governments, parliaments, and EU institutions:

Pull out of the Energy Charter Treaty and stop its expansion to other countries! The treaty allows coal, oil, and gas corporations to obstruct the transition to a clean energy system. Disarm fossil fuel firms now, so they can no longer impede urgent climate action!

Take action to end the climate-killing Energy Charter Treaty



What are we?


CliMates is an international youth-led think-and-do tank on climate change gathering together volunteers, both students and young professionals.

The goal of our NGO (non-governmental organization) is to take on the climate challenge by :

  1. Developing and promoting innovative ideas and tools


    Training youth to become change-makers



    Influencing decision-makers

Who are we?

We are youthful souls: crazy and innovative, sharing a collective vision for a transition towards a low carbon society by informing, empowering and engaging youth in collaborative research, global advocacy, and grassroots mobilization.

CliMates gathers youth from all around the world who aim at facing climate challenges. Our global network represents various countries, identities, backgrounds, and cultures.


We want to stand up, shout out, be heard, and create something different through the alliance of thought and action!

Where are we?

CliMates’ project was born in France in 2011 and has spread all around the world with members in more than 30 countries. You can join us and/or collaborate with us from everywhere!


CliMates Mali, our first local branch, was created and registered in 2015. It demonstrates CliMates’ willingness to strengthen the structure of its international network in order to share our energies, visions and tools.


Reaching out larger audiences our second local branch, CliMates Nepal was launched in 2017.


Since the beginning of 2018, CliMates also has a presence in Austria and Indonesia with the creation of its third and fourth local branch.

‘Inspiring’ is the best word to describe CliMates and why it was created : 

an intense combination of excitement and frustration.

 Henri Landes & Margot Le Guen

CliMates' co-founders

What if the 2009 Copenhagen climate negotiations on climate change (COP 15) had gone differently?


To answer this question, in June 2011, 200 students participated in a simulation of this international conference. This innovative summer school project, called COP RW (Rewind and Rewrite), was co- organized by Sciences Po and the IDDRI (Institute of Sustainable Development and International Relations). During this simulation, young participants succeeded in reaching a more ambitious agreement than the one achieved by official governments. Both awakened and frustrated by this result, Henri Landes and Margot Le Guen wanted to go further. They decided to launch a think-and-do tank focusing on climate change.

Chloé Heulin & Lucie Pélissier


Amélie Dupuy-Seltmann

Secretary General


Clara Gury


Noémie Watanabe

International Coordinator

Irène Colonna d'Istria

Research Coordinator

Ann Laure Gaspardo & Ludovic Royer

Advocacy Coordinators

Emmeline Bergeon & Louis Gaillard

Empowerment Coordinators

Tawanna Rocha Lima

Community and Skills Coordinator

Margot Piau-Moreau

Communications Coordinator

Safiatou Traoré
CliMates Mali President

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Rajesh Kunwar

CliMates Nepal President

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Putri Maharani Riza
CliMates Indonesia President

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Solène Dengler
CliMates Austria President

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Tawanna Rocha Lima

Community and Skills Coordinator

Margot Piau-Moreau

Communications Coordinator



Hey you! Budding diplomat? Passionate about climate negotiations? Willing to make your voice heard to tackle the climate challenge? Join the advocacy team and stand up for CliMates’ messages at your scale, from your country or even within international organizations.

Are you ready to act ?  Jump into a team to empower youth on environmental stakes.   Become a coach, a trainer, an event organiser or a speaker! Take part in international teams, cooperating with educational institutions, representing countries or actors interests during climate simulations, while always meeting people from different backgrounds.

Full of ideas? Find writing articles easy?

Are you eager to raise awareness on your favorite climate-related topic?  Energy, finance, gender, migration, ocean… CliMates' Research Programme tackles many climate-related subjects you may wish to discuss, debate and specialize in! Do not wait any longer, pick up your quill and engage in one of CliMates’ research projects.



Ready to join the CliMates journey? This is the main question we ask in the CCS team to you, new volunteer! Always in contact with the different projects, we are the first point of contact to any newcomers.

Are you ready to help us expanding CliMates worldwide and meet mates from various countries? Interested in knowing CliMates' deepest secrets?

The CCS team empowers the mates through innovative tools and trainings, because CliMates is you, and you are CliMates!


How do you bring to life a network of 5000 people from Africa to South America? How can you gather people around shared values and inspiring projects? By making the most of digital tools to spread clear messages. Through internal communication, the team is dedicated to inform the community, while external communication focuses on reaching a wider audience and finding new partnerships. Convinced that communication is essential, we also work on creative projects such as CliMates presence during Festivals.



CliMates mobilizes youth and raises awareness by participating in a wide range of events.


As a key player raising the voice of youth on climate-related issues, CliMates is accredited by the United Nations to participate in COPs.

On the other hand, it amplifies its interventions during conferences, festivals, and round-tables in France and abroad to spread its values.


Last but not least, thanks to the support of a dynamic community, CliMates often organizes workshops, trainings and simulations to give all the necessary tools to understand and act at your own level! 


Check all our upcoming events!


With the kind support of



Eager to join the CliM’community ?


CliMates is looking for students, recent graduates, young professionals or any person willing to become part of a inspiring and strong-willed community and share our ideas and ideals throughout the world.


Fill out this form to join our network: http://bit.ly/joining-climates


*Please note that CliMates' network is composed of volunteers or interns. We do not currently offer paid positions.