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CliMates is an international youth-led think-and-do tank on climate change gathering together volunteers, both students and young professionals.

The goal of our NGO (non-governmental organization) is to take on the climate challenge by :


  1. Developing and promoting innovative ideas and tools

  2.   Training youth to become change-makers

  3.     Influencing decision-makers



CliMates’ project was born in France in 2011 and has spread all around the world with members in more than 30 countries. You can join us and/or collaborate with us from everywhere!


CliMates Mali, our first local branch, was created and registered in 2015. It demonstrates CliMates’ willingness to strengthen the structure of its international network in order to share our energies, visions and tools.


Reaching out larger audiences our second local branch, CliMates Nepal was launched in 2017.


Since the beginning of 2018, CliMates also has a presence in Austria and Indonesia with the creation of its third and fourth local branch.







This four-year program allows us to implement common projects at the European level and to bring together clear advocacy in each of the member countries of the European Union. Funded by the European Commission, this program is also a great opportunity for CliMates to professionalize its projects as well as our international functioning.

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Community & Skills

CliMates is only as strong as its individual members and so we work to empower Mates by offering innovative tools and opportunities for training and development.

As far as the CCS team is concerned, the only prerequisite for joining CliMates is a willingness to try new things and to learn.  We’re really at the heart of the CliMates community - we’re in touch with all the different projects and are the first point of contact for any and all newcomers!

Are you ready to help CliMates expand at an international level and to meet Mates from all over the world? Do you want to really understand the ins and outs of CliMates? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you’re more than ready to join the CCS team!


How do you bring to life a network of 5000 people? How can you gather people around shared values and inspiring projects? By making the most of digital tools to spread clear and committed messages.


Through internal communication, the team is dedicated to inform and make its community live, while external communication focuses on reaching a wider audience and finding new partnerships.


Convinced that communication is essential, we also work on creative projects such as CliMates’ presence during festivals.

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