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Climate security & Peace Project

The Climate Security and Peace Project focuses on the different and complex environmental issues on how they interact with our modern societies. From various empirical and theoretical perspectives CS2P analyses the impact of climate change and other forms of environmental degradation on human and ecological security. 


Project Coach

Sofia Kabbej

Project Coach

Andrea Lavarello


How can we we spread the knowledge about energy transition including the concept of sobriety, energy efficiency and renewable energies ?


The goal of this project is to raise awareness and to promote action-taking around the notion of Energy Transition (ET) through 3 majors axis:

Researching and collecting data 

- Tools

- Methods about E.T


We would like to provide in-depth analysis through online publications. These publications would be stepping stones in understand local interests and needs, allowing our team to act on an individual level. 


Indeed, the first step is to undertake important research work with the goal of creating educational toolkits for local organizations. Then, we would then customize our help/support according to the target group’s interests and needs.

In parallel, the technical results would be showcased in online articles for a much wider audience interested in E.T related topics.

Project Coach

Ludovic Kasperki

This project aims to help future economic and political stakeholders understand some of the key issues regarding climate finance. It will focus on climate change’s financial impact, carbon risks, international financial institutions, capital markets’ climate-related investments, international financial governance institutions, fiscal and monetary climate policies, carbon pricing policies, or monitoring systems for assessing climate-compatible investments.


« Climate change and finance issues are inherently linked. The way the global financial system will be able in the coming years to integrate climate change as a fundamental part of its equation, by trying to reconcile short and long-term financial issues, could make possible for our generation to partly escape from the tragedy of the commons. As the implementation of the Paris Agreement is ongoing, the coming years are key to mainstream climate change into the financial sector. »

Project Coach

Clément Bultheel

Project Coach

Timothée Moser


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"In the field, I discovered that women were the most active in water management. However, their voices were barely heard when it came to make water policies in the context of climate change adaptation. In fact, climate change increases existing gender inequalities. Women are more vulnerable than men due to deep-rooted gender equalities. Yet, women can (and do) play a critical role in response to climate change due to their local knowledge of and leadership. So I decided to take action by joining CliMates in 2016.


Launched in 2017, Gender and Climate Change (GCC) specifically aims at unveiling hidden connections between gender norms and climate-related issues. It also sheds the light on inspiring female-led initiatives to tackle climate change. While GCC would like to give the floor to a female public, the project also wants to draw everyone’s attention upon broader gender constraints, including males’ ones. To do so, our internationally based members are collecting pictures and testimonies from women and men, vulnerable to climate-induced events because of gender norms. Throughout the year, our members are also conducting further research to support each portrait and thematic approached by macro-scale statistics and national trends. Finally, we aim at showcasing our work, values and cause thanks to the organizing of advocacy events.








Project Coach

Mouna Chambon

Project Coach

Mathilde Thonon


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4sea is a joint project of CliMates, Youth for the Ocean and Vitamin Sea which combines a research and educational scope. Its main goal is to analyze and raise awareness about the intertwined links between the ocean and climate.


4Sea addresses possible biological, social, economic and ecological consequences of climate change on the ocean, by aiming at creating an interactive map on an online platform, showcasing consequences of climate change on the ocean.


Our team is also working on articles and videos. Those contents are key to our work. On the one hand, it highlights the role of the ocean in the climate system. On the other, it underlines climate-related problems and threats faced by the ocean. 

"The Ocean and its role in climate change have just recently become one of the top priorties in the climate change discussion. Not only because of Fidji's Role during the last COP23 in Bonn but also due to increasing numbers of tropical storms last autumn. The ocean is not only affacted by climate change but affacting climate change itself. It saves up carbon dioxide from the atmosphere therby slowing down climate change but also turning the ocean slowly acidic killing marine organisms. With this in mind it is important to talk about the ocean and the dynamics behind it to truely understand what is happening also because millions of people depend on it as a food source."



Project Coach

Mona Hosseini

Project Coach

Marie Harbott

Youth On The Move

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Youth on the Move has two goals: an educational one and a collaborative one. We believe that creative and artistic content can serve both. First, we wish to raise awareness through visual content, for example through “portrait” videos as they make personal stories directly relevant and easily accessible to all. Second, through research work and interactive content, we wish to enhance knowledge on solutions, existing and possible, facing the climate migrations challenge, by creating a global network and promoting innovations carried by experts and empowered youth, thus allowing the exchange of ideas through creative content on the topic of climate migrations.

Our project is focused on youth.

First, because we believe that youth is of the most affected by climate migrations. Second, because young people are also a legitimate actor in this discussion, and more than ever a proposing force. We wish to raise awareness on the interplay between youth and climate migration, and show the importance of acting, carrying solutions and forming an opinion on this rising phenomenon.

Waste Management

How do we urge people to sort their waste? How can we develop a waste sorting culture?


This project aims to highlight the place of youth in the Mediterranean are in improving waste management in their countries.  Focused on Morocco, we want to demonstrate that on this topic, mentalities are evolving, especially among youth. Concrete actions will be reported as good practices to inspire and spread change.


How will this be achieved?

To raise awareness on this issue, a study will be released to describe the youth mentalities’ evolution and their will to improve the situation. We will also contact some young leaders interested in improving waste management and create a partnership to spread their ideas and make it concrete.

""The project aims to describe the situation and analyse the practices of waste management in the Mediterranean area, understand the context and provide tools of understanding and action to encourage the installation of policies and practices of a correct waste management. It also highlights the involvement of Mediterranean youth in the subject, integrating them and helping them build projects around it. "


Project Coach

Amjad Lammouni

Project Coach

Marine Denis

Project Coach

Charlotte Blondel

Collectif Démarqué

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Project Coaches 

Vanina Choe, Karishma Wanvari & Maxence Mentasti

The Collectif Démarqué is the result of a partnership between CliMates, Globelink and Erasmus+. The end goal of this project is to raise awareness on social and environmental impacts of the Fashion industry, and to promote a sustainable mode of production and consumption. The main activity of the Collectif is to communicate on these issues on social media platforms and to organise local events. In addition to the above, the group has published a report on the clothing consumption habits of young adults of 16 to 25 years old living in France and organized a second-hand clothing contest on Instagram. Follow them on their social media for the latest news on sustainability in the fashion industry!