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The orientations of current French, European and international public policies have a direct influence on the mitigation of our greenhouse gas emissions and on the adaptation of our societies to climate change.

Thus, the CliMates advocacy unit enables youth to become involved in a non-partisan way in these decisions. It does this by accompanying and empowering young people to make their voices heard, defend their positions and promote solutions to political bodies. Citizen mobilisation, advocacy campaigns, writing of position papers, the solutions are numerous and the modes of action varied.

The unit projects can be seen at three different scales:

No knowledge of politics or advocacy is required to join our projects, everyone is welcome to participate, give their ideas and learn from the more experienced Mates. Furthermore, CliMates is a space of expression where everyone is free to develop projects on issues that are important to them to collectively learn and influence institutions.


Member of the YouNGO, CAN Europe and CAN international network, CliMates acts and evolves well surrounded. Because the collective is a great strength, the Mates share their resources and tools within these networks which provide them with support and opportunities. With more than 300 volunteer Mates around the world, the year 2020 brought people together around a common international advocacy strategy, helped by students in Public Affairs and Communication from the Catholic Institutes of Paris.

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COP 26 - Glasgow and intersessions


As every year, Climates sends a delegation of international Mates to the Conference of the Parties and to the intersessions with a view to observing and influencing the international climate negotiations.

Local Conference of Youth


Ahead of the COP, CliMates organizes an LCOY: a COP for young people, to report specific issues and make our voices heard.

This year, it takes place on October 22 and 23, 2022 in Paris!

Raising awareness, workshops, conferences and round tables, quickly discover the program

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Young delegate programme

 In partnership with REFEDD, JAC and the Ministries of Ecology and Foreign Affairs, the young delegate programme aims to recruit and train in negotiations a person who will join the French government delegation to the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP) as an observer.

This project is lead with the help of the Coalition Jeunes




Pollinator Advocacy


While the government has re-authorized the use of neonicotinoids and the EcoPhyto plan is a failure, the massive extinction of pollinators requires taking urgent measures and finally giving beekeepers a voice. Thus, we wish to take advantage of the major events of the year 2022 to give visibility to the issue of pollinators, through formal and informal advocacy actions.


Plaidoyer textile


Les matières synthétiques représentent aujourd'hui 62 % de la production textile, et ont des impacts environnementaux à toutes les étapes de leur cycle de vie. Ainsi nous souhaitons l’accès facile à une information claire pour tous les consommateur.rice.s quant à la présence de plastique dans leurs vêtements.

En lien avec le projet de recherche Collectif démarqué


Plaidoyer océans


En lien avec le projet de recherche 4Sea

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Advocacy kit


We want to set up an easy-to-use advocacy kit. The goal? Allow everyone to take up the environmental issues that are important to them, and to make proposals at the local, regional or national level! This kit could also be offered at the end of the “COP in my City” and “Heatwave, my city against attack” workshops regularly run by the CliMates mobilization department. At the end of these workshops, proposals for adaptation to climate change are often proposed: let's make them a reality!



Projet de plaidoyer pour une loi climat plus ambitieuse basée sur la Convention Citoyenne pour le Climat CCC

In partnership with GreenLobby and Déclic, which drafted many amendments based on the work of the CCC, local groups are mobilising to influence local MPs, especially those in charge of studying the climate bill, to give it back the ambition that was given to it by the citizens of the CCC and to wait for the objectives that the government has set itself.

Cultural Revolution


In collaboration with Actes Sud , the project is working on the launch of a collection of books "for young people and by young people" on the subjects carried by the coalition to make them switch, as well as other artistic projects such as the theater , magazine, poetry, etc.

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Our ecological constitution


Launched in 2018, the project “Call for an ecological constitution” proposes a modification of the Constitution in order to include in its first article concepts such as the principle of non-regression or that of the planetary limits. The project also aims to put pressure on elected officials within the framework of the constitutional referendum proposal initiated by the President of the Republic within the framework of the Citizen's Convention for the Climate.


The Sentinelles

The Sentinelles project was created at the Citizens Climate Convention (CCC) in June 2020. It seeks to recruit volunteers and to equip them with the tools necessary to respond to criticism and “fake news” relayed on social media, as well as to influence public debate on the measures suggested by the CCC.

The Sentinelles most recent project is the #MaintenantouJamais [#NowOrNever] campaign which seeks to increase public debate surrounding the “Loi Climat” that is currently being put to the French Parliament and which has been widely criticised for not being ambitious enough to meet the objectives initially set by the government.


AWG: Agriculture and Food Working Group

Driven by CliMates, the project aims to reflect on Agriculture and Food themes in order to deploy specific advocacy on the subject at the national level.

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