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COP in MyCity

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COP in MyCity is a youth-led project which ambitions to bridge the gap between climate negotiations and youth in order to inspire local climate actions in all cities of the world. How? By fostering education and action about climate change locally and by creating an international community of change-makers.


Contributing to the COP in MyCity project, you will:

  • train about climate international negotiations and energy issue

  • play a world climate game using a software designed by the MIT

  • act locally thinking globally

You are an individual, a student group, an association… willing to act and raise awareness about climate change? Become a COP’leader in your own city! Will you succeed in obtaining the 2°C to 1.5°C advocated by the Paris Agreement?

You are a professor willing to organise a COP in MyCity for your students at university or high school? You want to add a COP in MyCity event to a larger mobilisation? We can also help you to facilitate an event!


Contact our COP in MyCity team to get more information and access to our toolkit available in English, French and Spanish.


Joséphine Raynauld

“As a civic service volunteer, I am in charge of coordinating the COP in MyCity project: manage an international team of Regional Officers, support the COP’leaders in the organisation of their event and develop local and global partnerships. Leading this four year project involving hundreds of young people all around the world represents a strong human and working experience. I believe we are the hope of the world to come and we are already changing it for the best: let’s connect and act together ! COP in MyCity is a wonderful tool of awareness and mobilisation to begin and enhance this big transition challenge !”


The project Innov’City results from two statements.

On one hand, environmental changes are impacting on our lives and trigger ecological, economic and social crises.

On the other, there are plenty of non-profit organizations, start-ups, and citizens, who are launching innovative, local and concrete projects as a response this changes. These people are sketching the future by re-inventing agriculture, energy, economy, democracy, and rethinking our production and consumption patterns, in order to build a sustainable world.


Innov’City aims to raise awareness on those innovative way of living, as well as to connect citizens wanting to undertake concrete and local initiatives. Therefore, our team is organizing thematic conferences in France and all around the world.  Aside, we also work with high-school, with the goal of empowering youth and giving them keys to becoming actors of change.

Project Coach
Martial Breton

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" I discovered the project Innov'City in October 2016, at an event we organized together with the project HeatWave in MyCity. I really enjoyed watching the presentations of all these innovative change makers that were making things work better in Paris. Even though global negotiations and actions are absolutely necessary, I believe that local initiatives can also make the difference. By promoting these local projects and the citizens supporting them, Innov'City is a great tool to sensitize and mobilize people."

Heat Wave in MyCity

Le Monnyer Photo.jpg

Project Coach
Zoë Le Monnyer

"After a year in CliMates Board, I wanted to see what it was like to be involved in one specific project. I took part in a HeatWave simulation on a rainy day in Paris, and it bought me some sun: I learned things on global warming consequences, I loved interactions with participants and thought it was a really innovative and participative way to sensitize youth around climate change issues. I organized a simulation in my university and joined the project, because as a Marseillaise, I love heat but don't want to suffocate, so let's raise awareness by playing Heat Wave in My City !"

In a prospective scenario depicting a global city by mid-century, this project puts YOU into the shoes of various local actors: doctors, farmers, activists, firemen… together with the other

The rising occurrences of extreme weather events, together with unprecedented urbanization, make cities increasingly vulnerable to climate risks. 
What if a major heat wave was striking your city?
participants you are going to negotiate, to defend their interests and deal with urgent matters. Eventually, their inputs foster the emergence of a comprehensive public policy for the affected city.


CliMates already held HeatWave simulations in New York, Paris, Buenos Aires, Marrakech, Cairo… where next?

Be ready to handle the crisis in YOUR city!